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Mat A® Culture Nanomatrices SA01

New Type of Stimulation Substrate for NSC Proliferation & Differentiation

Product Description

Culture Nanomatrices SA01 is a kind of inorganic biocompatible nanomaterials developed by Mat-A- Cell limited. It can greatly reduce the potential risk on transplantation therapy because of the absence of growth factors (“GFs”). 

Application Range

It is used for the growth of neural stem cells (“NSCs”) in vitro. It can also promote the differentiation of NSCs into neurons as well as inhibit other direction of differentiation.

Feature of Product

  1. Reducing the risk of carcinogenesis and inflammation
    Using the principle of physical stimulation, the risk of patients in clinical applications is greatly reduced.

  2. Bio-compatible nanotechnology coating
    Consisting of biocompatible materials, the coated slides do not need to be covered with organic materials such as Polylysine (“PLL”) and Polyornithine(“PLO”).

  3. Stronger functions of cultured neurons
    The neurons grown by our products have more obvious electrophysiological properties than the traditional method.

  4. No need to develop new operation
    Simply replace traditional slides used in vitro culture of neural stem cells with our products.

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