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About Mat A Cell

Established in November 2017, we are an innovative spin-off company from Hong Kong Baptist University, aspiring to develop nanotechnology products for the improvement of human life.

Our company has obtained amazing scientific research result namely, Mat A® Culture Nanomatrices, which is a biological cell culture substrate coated with a patent-filed nanostructured layer. It is used for the proliferation and specific differentiation of neural stem cells (“NSCs”) in vitro without additional growth factors, minimizing the potential risk of carcinogenesis. In fact, our company was recognized by the Innovation and Technology Commission and awarded a joint University Science and Technology Start-up Funding Scheme to promote our research and development in bio-technology field. 


With our biotechnology and scientific research experience, our company has consistently finds ways to improve our technology as well as usage methods on the products to keep pace with the scientific community's continuous advancement. Indeed, our company has developed long-term partnership with “Anti-Aging and Neuroscience Laboratory” and “Functional Nanomaterial Laboratory in Research Institute of Advanced Materials” of Hong Kong Baptist University, both of which are reputable in their respective field in biology and nanomaterials.

Based on our expertise in technical team, we believe our company can develop the products within a short period of time and hence further applied to clinical application upon approval. Our ultimate goal is to provide cost-effective and safe material foundations for all research and industrial production that require stem cells, and to serve as a platform for the benefit of consumers around the world.


Dr. Huang Zhifeng,



Ph.D. in Science and Engineering of Materials at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA




Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, UK


Mr. Lau Wai Fung, Jefferson


Silver award in the
4th China College Students "Internet+" Inno. & Entrep. Competition

Ms. Chan Sze Ting,


Services Officer

Bronze Prize in
6th "Creation of Youth" China Competition

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